Project Description

Filling in the missing history of MMA.  The Tough Guys are the forgotten forefathers of mixed martial arts.  They fought for pride and glory decades before the UFC gained a mainstream audience.

Hand to hand combat has roots in prehistoric times, influencing every culture since the dawn of mankind. Ancient inscriptions reveal that some type of fighting has always existed, seemingly embedded in our DNA.  No-holds-barred contests have seemingly always existed, but the sport is a modern creation.  “Tough Guys” took the brutal spectacle of Vale Tudo and formulated an open sport where anyone could compete in a safe environment and text their mixed skills.

A profound fundamental difference exists between MMA theory and the regulated sport of mixed martial arts.  The development of mainstream MMA as an organized and structured “sport” in the United States of America, began March 20, 1980  New Kensington, Pennsylvania.  CV Productions Inc. launched the first MMA league in American history with the establishment of the Tough Guy Contest (Later rebranded Super Fighters).  Read More about the history of MMA. 

missing history